J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League- Justice for All

Words by Rohit Loomba (@poombster)

Hip-hop production crew, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, has established itself as one of the most sought after beatmaking crews in Hip-Hop today. Having worked with artists such as Drake, Rick Ross, Mary J. Blige, and Nas, the League has worked at furious pace and has even managed to garner themselves a Grammy award. The League has decided to translate their talents into a full-length effort entitled Justice for All, calling on several of their friends to lend their talents as well.


Whenever a production crew puts out an album, the focus of the album becomes intuitively obvious. The League somehow exceeds expectations, bringing 13 sold production efforts. JFA opens up with “Empire” which features the trademark rich production the League has come to be known for, providing a lush soundscape for Rick Ross and Drake to navigate through. On “All I Need” the League takes a more upbeat approach to provide the album with an R&B infusion. What really makes this album a really impressive production accomplishment is that the League is able to tailor every beat to the features on each respective track. Many producers are unable to do this when produce single tracks for artists, yet the League has managed to do this for an entire album. The stripped-down drum-driven “Trust Nobody” serves as a perfect backdrop for Jeezy. “Empire”, “Then I Leave”, “No Problems”, and “Forever and a Day” are production standouts on this album.


Emcee duties belong to an all-star cast. Rick Ross and Drake open the album on “Empire” with Rick Ross bringing a memorable hook on which he raps “my hoe was gay and now she addicted to dick”. Elsewhere on the track Drake offers a quality verse although he recycles bars from “Say What’s Real”: “2-3 drug dealers live vicariously through me”. Future makes 3 appearances on JFA and makes his presence first known on “Then I Leave” with his memorable line “my daddy bust a nut and made a millionaire”. The strongest efforts come from Jeezy on “Trust Nobody”, Lupe Fiasco on “No Problems”, and T.I. on “Forever and a Day” who carry their respective tracks.


JFA is a solid effort by a production crew that has carved out its place in Hip-Hop history. With its ability to brilliantly custom-fit beats for each artist, the League has put together an album that is on-point throughout. In an industry where many producers unsuccessfully try to put together an album, the League sets the standard.

Rating: 4 (out of 5)


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