2 Chainz- Felt Like Cappin

Words by Rohit Loomba (@poombster)

2 Chainz, the artist-formerly-known-as Tity Boi, is back with a new mixtape. The 6-track Felt Like Cappin serves as a quick fix for fans. There is nothing quick about this mixtape, though. From a quality standpoint, Chainz brings the level of music that is expected from him.

Production comes mostly from producers that have worked with Chainz in the past. FKi opens the album with “Felt Like Cappin”, a track that utilizes a bare guitar melody paired with an equally bare drum line. The simplicity works here and lets Chainz take the reins. Mike Will and Zaytoven join forces for “MF’N Right” which features the slowed-down trill carnival-esque sound typical for Zaytoven. On “Mindin my Business”, 8×8, DO Speaks, and Street Symphony offer a unique production effort that sounds like something they accidentally stumbled upon while playing with sounds in the studio. Nonetheless, the effort works and Chainz carries it well. Chainz also brings Timbaland on board who flips what sounds like an Arabic sample on “This Me, Fuck It”. The strongest production efforts come from TM88 on “Not Invited” and Cardio on “Back on the Bullshyt”.

Chainz doesn’t stray from his trademark delivery using his slow and deliberate delivery which fits snugly over the production on the mixtape. The only feature on the mixtape comes from Lil Wayne who brings one of his better verses in recent times on “Back on the Bullshyt”. Lyrically there is nothing groundbreaking or insightful from Chainz but that isn’t his lane and isn’t what anyone is expecting. Chainz raps about the usual for him but it works, very well in fact.

Chainz is a smart artist. It goes without saying that he has found his lane and has developed a sound that people gravitate towards. FLC stays true to this sound and that’s why his Chainz’ fans will enjoy this release very much. This abridged mixtape is more entertaining than most full-length albums out these days and definitely will be getting plenty of play.

4 (out of 5)


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