Future- EVOL

Words by Rohit S. Loomba (@poombster)

It goes without saying that Future is on a roll. Whatever he touches right now seems to become a hit. Future has developed a sound that works for him and is able to deliver it with the help of a close group of frequent collaborators. And deliver he does, Future stays busy. Whether it’s albums, EPs, or mixtapes, Future isn’t shy with new music. His latest effort EVOL is expected to top the Billboard Charts once again, giving him his third number 1 album in the last seven months. The FutureHive will be excited about that!

It’ll come as no surprise that Southside and Metro Boomin’ handle a majority of the production on the album. On tracks such as “Maybach”, “Xanny Family”, and “Photo Copied” the two even join forces. Other production credits go to TM88, DJ Spinz, TeeLow, Ben Billions, and Moe Goonie. EVOL doesn’t stray from the sound that is now characteristic of Future. Drum and bass-line dominated beats are the name of the game and the melodies laid on top of these are usually relatively simple. But the drum lines are powerful and rolling with deep, grimy bass lines that drive these records. “Lie to Me”, produced by DJ Spinz and $K, features a synthesizer melody laid over a booming bass line while “Fly shit Only”, produced by the same duo, takes a guitar melody and matches it with a drum pattern that is explosive at time. Other notable production efforts come on “Maybach” and “Xanny Family”. One of the album’s overall strongest tracks “Low Life” features coproduction by The Weeknd as well.

Future is an entertainer and he doesn’t attempt to be a poet. Subject matter is kept simple, the basics: money, drugs, and women. But that isn’t a bad thing. This is what Future does best so why wreck what works so well. Future doesn’t really need help, very few can truly help him at this point anyways. The sole feature on EVOL comes from R&B’s dark prince, The Weeknd on “Low Life”, arguably one of the best tracks on the album. The Weeknd shares how he’s turned “the Ritz into a poor house” while Future shares how he’s turned “the Ritz into a lean house”. Poor house or lean house, take your pick, but they both shine on this track together and will certainly leave fans hoping for more collaborations from the two.

EVOL is entertaining throughout. The production is top-notch and well-catered to Future who runs with it. Future does it again with this album and there’s no signs that his streak is going to end anytime soon and I don’t think anyone is complaining.

4 (out of 5)


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